Humanitarian Data collection made easy

"Accurate data is the lifeblood of good policy and decision-making. Obtaining it, and sharing it across hundreds of organizations, in the middle of a humanitarian emergency, is complicated and time-consuming – but it is absolutely crucial." -United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres

Data Terns is part of the work of Fields Data, which has been trying for two years to solve a conundrum whose solution would make it possible to provide more informed and therefore more effective humanitarian assistance.

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Our mission

How could we get real-time information about the impact of an earthquake, hurricane or any other disaster? How could we know what is the humanitarian response given from the fists responder: local organisations & local government? In short, how could we obtain information on humanitarian needs in an efficient and sustainable way? Gradually, we realised that the answer to the conundrum lay with local organisations, organisations that knew the field and had humanitarian access to it. This is how Data Terns, the first humanitarian data collection platform, was born. On this platform you can: Offer humanitarian data collection services in your area of intervention Request another organisation to collect the information you need without leaving your chair Humanitarian Data collection made easy